(Featuring Corey Glover)

World renown vocalist Corey Glover is the featured vocalist with Labrada, on the hit song No Name Hero.

No Name Hero is a tribute to our everyday heroes who selflessly give of themselves to serve our communities and country, including first responders and military. Labrada is proud to dedicate this album to our hard-working men and women that keep us safe and make America the greatest country on earth!


Chasing the Horizon - the new album from Labrada. Order it here and get free shipping or play on Spotify. All proceeds from the sale of Labrada Band CDs go to the Gary Sinise Foundation to support the men and women of the military and first responders.


With the release of our first album Eternity in 2018, we turned our attention to recording a second album. Chasing the Horizon is what we have named the second album, recorded in 2019 in Paul Pesco’s MAdMountain Recording Studio, and released on March 1st, 2020.

Chasing the Horizon features world renown vocalist Corey Glover on the hit song No Name Hero.
No Name Hero is a tribute to the everyday heroes who selflessly give of themselves to serve us, including first responders and military. Labrada is proud to dedicate this album to our hard- working men and women that keep us safe and make America the greatest country on earth.

We believe that Chasing the Horizon is built upon what we started in Eternity, and has raised the bar for us. We think it’s even better than our first album! The songs are all positive and uplifting, providing a breath of fresh air in a world that too often defaults to negativity. We hope that you’ll enjoy Chasing the Horizon, and recommend it to friends and family.

Be sure to check out our new music videos on the Labrada Band YouTube channel!

All the glory to God. – Lee Labrada


Guitar, Lead Vocals

Lee Labrada is the founder of the Christian Rock band LABRADA. Lee is an electric and acoustic guitar player and singer/songwriter who wrote the songs found on the Eternity album with Paul Pesco.

Lee was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States as a child. As a child, Lee and his family lived first in Chicago, Illinois, then Jacksonville, Florida where he attended high school. Later, Lee received a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Houston. His passion for music is only matched by his passion for bodybuilding.

In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, Lee became one of the world’s best-known and celebrated bodybuilding legends, winning 22 professional bodybuilding titles, including the IFBB Mr. Universe. Lee has appeared on CNBC, FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS television.

Lee has played guitar since he was a teenager and refined his playing skills as a student of world-class guitar guru Rusty Cooley. Lee is emerging as an upcoming songwriter talent and has a passion for sharing the Word in his songs.

Lee lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Robin, his wife of 30 years, and their three sons.

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Paul Pesco, prolific guitarist/composer and record producer, with decades of experience performing on stage and in the recording studio, is best known for backing a virtual Who’s Who of renowned performing artists.

He has played with artists such as Madonna, Steve Winwood, Al Green, Jennifer Lopez, Chaka Khan, Joan Baez, C+C Music Factory, Annie Lennox, Hall & Oates, Jeff Lorber, and many others.

In fact, Paul was Madonna’s guitarist in the first years of her career, where he quickly gained a reputation as a hit maker. Film and Television are also an area where you will find Paul’s work. The Oscar winning animated film “Happy Feet”, “Robots”, Steve Martin’s “Roxanne”, “Be Cool” amongst many others. You might have noticed Paul in the background with many artists on TV shows like SNL, David Letterman, Jay Leno, or in the house band for The Wayne Brady Show.

The famous Fox Sports NFL Theme features Paul’s lead guitar. Paul even played on the original “Hot Pockets” TV commercial. Currently, he lives in upstate New York, where he runs his MAdMountain Sound Recording Studios. Truly multi-cultural, Pesco is the son of a Sicilian-American father and a Korean mother. During his youth in the early 70’s, Paul’s family lived in Germany for five years where his father sang opera professionally and Paul perfected his guitar chops influenced by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Leslie West, Joe Walsh, Rick Derringer, George Benson, James Brown, Sly And The Family Stone, Bobby Womack, as well as, many of the Soul/R&B and Pop artists that were played on the Armed Forces Radio Network, before returning back home to live in New York.

Beginning on the piano, Paul gradually developed a working proficiency with several instruments before finding a natural fit with the guitar.

While seriously pursuing a career in music, Paul worked as a rehearsal technician at S.I.R. Studios in New York City where he rubbed elbows with many prominent artists.

Having already played on some early sessions by a then-relatively unknown Madonna, Pesco was offered a position with Atlantic Starr on the band's “Radiance” tour in 1982, which would be his first big gig. Following this tour, Pesco was again recruited by Madonna to record on her self-titled debut album.

Soon thereafter, Pesco joined the innovative techno funk group The System, performing on the band's studio albums and tours. He quickly became an instrumental part of their signature sound launching the group's rise in popularity. It was through his work with The System that he first gained the attention of the massively successful duo Hall & Oates, with whom he would soon develop a long-term association, which included a starring role as guitarist and musical director on the hit show Live from Daryl’s House.


Dutch Workman has been playing live and recording in the studio since 1981. Son of a singer/guitarist, his first live gig was at 13. His father tried for 3 years to get him to play any other instrument but drums. This is why he also plays piano, bass, and guitar. Persistence payed off and Dutch got his first drumset at 12 playing his first professional gig months later with much older musicians. He has been playing professionally ever since.

He played first chair with touring bands through high school, college and graduate school (becoming a doctor) as well as taking and teaching private lessons. He was drummer for nations top JC Jazz band in the 1980’s. Although he plays numerous instruments, drums and percussion are his passion – mostly drumset. He is a strong sight reader, and plays all styles including orchestral, metal rock, swing, fusion, latin, reggae, etc..

He has recorded 30+ CD’s in the last 10 years, and plays with over 12 bands touring North and Central America and appearing on television as an independent drummer. He has shared the stage with various artist such as: Carrie Underwood, John Michael Montgomery, Terri Clark, Julianne Hough, Jo Dee Messina, Justin Moore, Maynard Ferguson, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Deana Carter, Travis Tritt, Tracy Clark, etc. for audiences of 70.000+.

He is an endorser of Drum Workshop drums, SABIAN cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks. He owns arguably one of the largest collections of drum equipment within six states. He has published articles worldwide, and given numerous clinics and workshops on drumming. As a drummer and doctor, he has worked for over two dedcades with the Percussive Arts Society on behalf of drummers, is author of the only injury book for percussionists and drummers, and assistant editor for Percussive Notes Journal.

Although they have spent decades hanging out together as a family, Lee and Dutch never knew of each other’s passion for music until just before the Labrada Eternity recording sessions.

Guest Vocalist

Corey Glover is an American singer, guitarist and actor. He is the lead vocalist of the rock band Living Colour and has toured as the vocalist for the funk band Galactic. As an actor, he played Francis in the 1986 war movie Platoon.

"While reflecting on the message in each song, we hope that it will stir your soul on a spiritual level, inspire you and strengthen you."

-Lee Labrada


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